Our Clinicians all have special interests in different aspects of dentistry. This enables us to provide most treatments within the practice without the need for referral to outside specialists.

    Ian Hunt

    Managing Director and Clinical Manager

    BDS MFGDP(UK) Dip Rest Dent (Rcs Eng)

    Why did you choose to be a dentist?

    I had always wanted to work in the medical field from the age of 14/15 and was interested in Medicine or Dentistry.   When I looked at the career pathway, medicine was lengthy with a lot more training to get to the peak of your career. The more I looked at dentistry the more I realised it fitted the profile of what I wanted to do.  It was a job for life, I would be able to work with and help people as part of a team and eventually run my own business.

    How would you describe the way you work?

    Efficiently, effectively and with a smile!!

    What do you dislike the most?

    When things don’t go to plan

    What do you enjoy most?

    I know its strange but root fillings and restoring teeth is what floats my boat.  Also the interaction with lots of different people each day. There is nothing better than helping someone in pain.


        Rahim Kanji

        Implant Surgeon

        GDC No.  103150

        BDS MSc (Dist) Dental Implantology

        Since graduating from Manchester University in 2006, Rahim has developed extensive experience with both aesthetic and restorative dentistry whilst pursuing his personal interest in dental implants.  Rahim now focuses within the field of dental implants and places dental implants across multiple practices around the North West.  His work is typified by an exceptional level of professionalism, which extends to a strong focus on continued professional development and keeping up to date with the latest advances and techniques.  He has taken this to a new level with his work in lecturing and mentoring dentists new to the field.  Using the latest technology Rahim is able to use digital work flow when treatment planning for his implant placement which makes it much more efficient when communicating with referring dentists.  This also enhances the patient’s understanding and also allows for complete precision/accuracy of the treatment.

        Rahim’s attitude to patient care is very simple, “I believe in treating my patients in the way I would wish to be treated myself.  This might sound obvious, but when helping a patient making an important decision, it’s important to me personally that they understand every aspect of their proposed treatment.  This way I can be sure they have complete confidence in their treatment decision and my skills as a dentist experienced in implants.  The key to providing precise, effective and comfortable dental implants is to make full use of the latest dental technologies such as CT scan and digital work flow to meticulously plan each operation.  This combined with a high quality implant system.”

            Robyn Stewart

            Associate Dentist

            GDC No. 244173
            BDS (Dundee)

                Tom Holloway

                Associate Dentist

                BDS(KCL) B.Sc.(Hons.Liv)
                GDC No 258898

                Tom lives and grew up in Sale. He attended St Joseph’s primary school and St Ambrose College before going to Liverpool University where he gained an Honours Degree in Physiology. Tom then went to King’s College, London where he qualified with a BDS in Dentistry in 2015.

                Tom is interested in all aspects of dentistry and provides a relaxing environment for his patients by being empathetic and putting them at ease. Tom is keen to further his knowledge and regularly attends post graduate courses and is in the process of completing his MJDF exam. In his spare time Tom plays rugby semi-professionally for Sedgely Tigers – and has won 22 caps playing internationally for Malta at scrum half.

                Tom is looking forward to welcoming both old and new friends to Maple Dentalcare, and building a long and successful relationship with his patients.

                    Nuha Zeiton

                    Oral Surgeon

                    BDS MSc MJDF RCS Eng
                    GDC No 103252

                    Nuha is a highly qualified dentist who has a special interest in oral surgery and dental implants  After qualifying from Manchester University in 2006, Nuha worked as a Community Dental Officer in Bedfordshire where she completed her vocational training. On her return to Manchester she was appointed as a specialty dentist in oral surgery as part of a large oral and maxillofacial team. This clinical experience in hospital has given Nuha grounding in all aspects of dental care and forms the basis of her comprehensive approach to patient care.

                    As an oral surgeon Nuha provides a number of treatments including removal of wisdom teeth, removal and exposure of impacted teeth, apicectomy (removal of infection tooth root tip) and complex tooth extractions. For nervous patients, treatment can be carried out with intravenous sedation.

                    As an oral surgeon Nuha provides a number of treatments including removal of wisdom teeth, removal and exposure of impacted teeth, apicectomy (removal of infection tooth root tip) and complex tooth extractions. For nervous patients, treatment can be carried out with intravenous sedation.

                        Stephen Roberts

                        Associate Dentist

                        BDS(VU Manc)
                        GDC No 103231

                        Stephen graduated from the University of Manchester  in 2006.

                        He is passionate about furthering and updating his knowledge and skills. He has completed the year long restorative course with the Centre for Advanced Dental Education.

                        He has strong interests in aesthetic restorative dentistry and occlusion. He enjoys providing beautiful smiles for people unhappy with their appearance.

                        He is a recognised practitioner for “Six Month Smiles” and “Invisalign” the new orthodontic treatments for adults.

                            Craig Jack

                            Associate Dentist

                            BDS(VU Manc.)
                            GDC No 83228

                            Craig Jack graduated in 2004. He gained his membership to the faculty of Dental Surgery the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and joined the Maple Road Team in December 2007.

                            Craig has a Masters Degree in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, and teaches part time at Manchester Dental Hospital.

                            Craig has a special interest in complex implant and restorative cases, and regularly treats nervous patients  utilising intravenous sedation where necessary.

                              DENTAL THERAPISTS

                              Dental therapists play an important part in dental health care and are mainly concerned with gum health – showing people correct home care and helping to keep the teeth and gums healthy. In addition our therapists can carry out fillings for adults and children and can extract deciduous (baby) teeth.

                                Natalie Smith

                                Dental Therapist

                                B.Sc.Oral Health Sciences(VU Manc.)

                                GDC No. 103118

                                I decided to become a Hygienist/Therapist because I enjoyed being a dental nurse.  I like the team role that goes with it.  I wanted to further my education later on in my career because when I was at school I didn’t even think it was an option.  However, with night school I gained more qualifications and realised it was achievable.  After working with Andrea Hunt and seeing her going to university as a mature student, together with Ian they hugely influenced my decision to apply to become a dental hygienist therapist. Especially Ian, he really supported me and gave me a job after university.

                                I believe that I have a friendly, caring and gentle approach to my treatments of patients which can bring superb results.

                                I really enjoy a challenge and I love to help improve patients experiences they may have had in the past either at the dentist or the hygienist.  It doesn’t have to be a terrible experience, we are here to help and care for patients after all.  A healthy mouth feels so much better.

                                    Maxine Adie

                                    Dental Therapist

                                    DDT(RCS Eng) DDH(RCS Eng)

                                    GDC No. 141740

                                    After working as a dental nurse and oral health educator for many years, I wanted to make more of a clinical difference and dental hygiene gave me that opportunity.

                                    I feel its important to be able to relate and understand how the person is feeling when they are sat in the dental chair.  I’m down to earth and adaptable to the patient’s needs.  I always like to create a calm environment while working in a methodical way.

                                    As effective home cleaning is paramount to optimum oral health, it is disheartening when patients don’t always follow advice given in the surgery as this can affect the success of the treatment.

                                    There is real job satisfaction when through hard work on both sides a healthy mouth is achieved.  Its rewarding helping patients who may have avoided the dental hygienist due to anxiety, build up confidence and become regular happy patients.  Over the years I’ve enjoyed getting to know the patients and their families and develop great relationships.

                                        Katherine Walker

                                        Dental Therapist

                                        DDT(RCS Eng) DDH(RCS Eng)

                                        GDC No. 109774


                                        I became a Hygienist/therapist after being a dental nurse for 7 years with a specialist Periodontist. It felt like the natural progression for me.

                                        I feel that I provide my treatment in a professional but relaxed environment.

                                        I most enjoy spending time with my family. After working hard and spending hours away from my children the time I do spend with them is precious.




                                            Katie Roddy

                                            Dental Hygienist


                                                Lindsey Wordley

                                                Business Manager

                                                Lindsey is our Business Manager and has had a lengthy career running businesses in several different sectors.

                                                “I’ve been working in the business of dentistry for the last 9 years and can honestly say it is the most enjoyable time I have experienced to date  ….. I work with professionals who need my help because their focus is on their patient’s care and well being.  Maple Dentalcare is an extremely rewarding place to work, the team are incredible and go the extra mile every single day.  I feel extremely lucky to work with such consummate professionals”.

                                                    Kate Gordon

                                                    Operations Manager

                                                    Kate is our Operations Manager, this means that she gets to look after all of our systems to include Compliance which is a major part of any business nowadays but more so in the health sector.  Kate ensures that all of our very up to date equipment is taken care of and maintained to very  high standards.

                                                    Kate also steps in to nurse on occasions so she is a very multi talented individual.

                                                      DENTAL NURSES

                                                      Our Dental Nurses are vital members of the team. All our nurses are fully qualified and registered with the General Dental Council. They take great pride in their work and many have additional qualifications such as radiology, sedation, impression taking and Oral Health Education.

                                                        Angela Bates

                                                        Dental Nurse

                                                            Clare Dunne

                                                            Dental Nurse

                                                            GDC No.136132

                                                                Faye Walsh

                                                                Dental Nurse

                                                                GDC No.204200

                                                                    Kelly Edge

                                                                    Head Nurse

                                                                    GDC No.163047

                                                                        Sarah Staunton

                                                                        Dental Nurse

                                                                            Agnieszka Stawowy

                                                                            Trainee Nurse

                                                                                Carla Lees

                                                                                Dental Nurse


                                                                                  Our friendly receptionists are qualified dental nurses and are able to answer any questions you may have.

                                                                                    Helen Smith

                                                                                    Dental Receptionist

                                                                                        Lisa Winter

                                                                                        Dental Receptionist