The Dental Microscope - the future of dentistry?sale dental micro

The surgical microscope (dental operating microscope) is by far the most important breakthrough/tool in dentistry today. It allows the surgeon unparalleled visualization through light and magnification resulting in the ability to treat previously untreatable conditions.

As a result, we have seen success rates in saving teeth that have never been seen before! For the dentist this is very gratifying, and our patients are very appreciative that the implementation of cutting-edge technology and modern-day skill can help improve their dental health.

In addition, the integrated or attachable camera and video equipment of modern microscope systems permits the dentist to involve patients to a much greater extent in the treatment process and increase overall treatment compliance. A magnified microscopic image is worth more than a thousand words. It allows us to clearly explain the treatment.

Microdontics - the way ahead.

Ian Hunt has a special interest in Root Canal Treatment, for which a microscope is now considered essential.

He is a Speciality Dentist in Endodontics with the Cental Manchester University Foundation NHS Trust.

He has used a mobile microscope for endodontics for many years, but to improve the standard of treatment we can offer, we have now installed a fixed, state of the art Zeiss microscope, in Ian's surgery.

This will enable him to use it for routine work, examinations and complex restorative procedures as well as root canal treatments.

We believe that routine work carried out at a higher level of magnification, allows the dentist to maintain precision and accuracy, which represents an integral part of any high quality restorative practice.

In comparison to dentists working conventionally any practitioner working under magnification using a microscope is in a position to handle highly complex treatments more successfully.

The microscope is linked to the television screen so that patients will be able to see what the dentist sees and clearly understand the treatment being carried out.

Dental Microscopes enable us to carry out difficult treatment more effectively.