The Problem

If you have lost many teeth, you may have reached a tipping point where you can no longer eat or smile normally.

Craig Jack at Maple Dentalcare says, “Maybe you still have some teeth but they are so loose or broken down that eating has become difficult and uncomfortable. At the same time the appearance of your teeth may have deteriorated to such an extent that you are embarrassed to smile. Not being able to enjoy food and talk comfortably often gets people down. For some people the idea of having removable dentures to replace their teeth is unacceptable.”

The Solution

Now Maple Dentalcare is offering a treatment called ‘Same Day Teeth’ to put back fixed teeth, in a single day, which look and feel great. There’s no need to put up with dentures that move around and you can enjoy the benefits of being able to eat everything and smile with confidence. This treatment is suitable for people who have upper or lower teeth that are beyond repair or no teeth at all. It’s also excellent for people who have very little gum and bone. This technique has revolutionised implant dentistry and there is no other oral surgical technique that can give such an immediate life-changing improvement in patients’ quality of life. Patients are transformed from when they enter the surgery having no teeth, problem failing teeth or loose dentures. They leave the surgery delighted with their new fixed implant bridge that restores chewing function, appearance and confidence at the same time.

More Information?

Click to download our leaflet giving more information about "Same Day Teeth"


Same Day Teeth have changed my life. I can live my life without worrying about loose dentures.

by M.T.